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This portal was created to allow Medical Offices, Hospitals and Home Health Agencies to request Home Health Services and gain information they need as they interact with our clinical team.


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Senator and myNEXUS Board Member, Bill Frist, shares current COVID-19 video updates at the link above. Senator Bill Frist is a physician and esteemed national healthcare thought leader.

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  • Create an account
  • Submit HH, DME IV request
  • Verify eligibility
  • View guidelines or other information
  • Update your profile


  • Learn more about how myNEXUS work on your behalf
  • Update your profile
  • Gain access to education for clinical diagnosis
  • Learn more about your disease


  • Create an account
  • Submit HH, DME IV request
  • Check the status of a request
  • Verify eligibility
  • View guidelines or other information
  • Check claim status

Health Plans

  • Access your members clinical information
  • Access reports
  • Clinical guidelines


Effective 02/03/2020, to request authorization or access information for patients receiving services in the state of Connecticut, please click the below link to login or register

Click Here

Please note, EOPs and ERAs will not be accessible using this new link. In order to access EOPs and ERAs you must utilize your existing portal login available on this screen, and at portal.myNEXUScare.com

We partner with insurance companies to intelligently reduce the risks and costs associated with home based care services such as home health, DME, and IV therapy through aligned incentives and expertly managed outcomes. We provide specialty benefits management services by leveraging medical data and best practices to reduce the risk of 30-day readmissions.

myNEXUS is currently in an open enrollment period for provider contracting in Home Health, DME, and Home Infusion. To learn more about contracting opportunities please visit